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Loud loudspeaker advice.


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have just finished our new den for the kids, a room roughly 28x20, was an old detached garage. So I am looking for some night club loud loudspeakers. Happy with either passive or active, home or pa, just need to have a good sound and have about £1500 is how to spend.

Kids want to party and party loud

Just not sure where to start looking
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I'd worry about their eardrums.

Owning Mackie Mr6 mk3s, I reckon they'd nearly do it, but would be very confident a pair of Mackie Mr8 mk3s would do a good job here


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My kefs in the living room are 91db at 1m and max out at 115db. So looking to get above that!


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Just to put some perspective on this. Noise at work regs allow 85dB at the ear for 8hours more than this is therefore harmful. So for a 2 hr party that is 91dB at the ear.

This is the reason why over the last couple of years I have come out of concerts with less ringing in my ears as venues enforce this, and some bands do complain about it being quiet (relatively).
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Have a look at cerwin vega classic range


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Many thanks for the info.

Def party speakers are what we are after.


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Most speakers, though good, are designed with certain philosophy, for their target audience in mind & utility factor.

Placed below are some speakers, their respective sound signature & "utility" orientation

1. B&W: Warm & Laid Back. For soothing experience. Tilted towards Music, not movies. Expensive

2. KEF R Series: Similar to B&W, though warmer & more laid back. Musical, not for movies. Less expensive than B&W though.

3. Monitor Audio: Agile & Detailed. Equally good for Music & Movies. Better build, better looks, better performance for money. High VFM product.

4. Dali: More controlled than Monitor Audio. Touch better in sound quality - tighter & louder. More expensive than MA though.

5. Klipsch: Happy Speakers, ready to party mood. Loud & designed to Rock without question. Excellent for movies, party music - though not for delicate listening. Quite inexpensive in comparison to aforesaid, UK prices could be little higher than US though.

Check Klipsch Heresy range (current model is Heresy III). A 3-way speaker with excellent build quality. Perhaps world shortest, standing 2 feet tall. It can seriously ROCK, besides vintage looks.
Available as single piece too, so can use as 3.0/5.0. Not meant for delicate, warm, laid back listening. Can try used on eBay, Gumtree well within your budget & you can't go wrong.

Klipsch Warning: Neighbours might complain, but owners will rock.

PS: Am midway in process of auditioning. Opinions based on direct listening experience & not "reviews".



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HK Audio Lucas Impact would be my recommendation in that price bracket
These sound perfect, thanks.

Big enough to impress the kids, but easy enough to pack away, with a nice set of covers.


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They really are superb. l guarantee you will be happy with them!

I don't think there is anything else with the same impact (if you forgive the pun) in that price range.


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Bit reluctant to suggest these considering the vulnerability of children's hearing, but:

Auditorium 2 212A 12'' Active PA Speaker - PA Speakers - Headphones & Speakers - Studiospares

126dB for £600/pair! And you have 2 x12" drivers for convincing bass. Just don't allow the kids access to the volume control.

Better value to be had from purchasing reputable own brand products such as Studiospares PA speakers, rather than high profile brands, IME.
I second this, studiospares PA's have never let me down for value nor performance. Another well regarded option is thomann's "the box" rangethe box TA Power Bundle , these are wicked and the best value for money you can find. I have rented these many times and you really do get that 'nightclub' impact :)

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