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Ok people....sorry for so many questions, but im a newby and need help.

Here is the scenario.

I am wall mounting a Panasonic th42px60 on my living room wall which i will have a nice hole drilled through to pass all the cables into the next room at the other side of the wall which will be a study.

I will be having sky hd and my home cinema dvd receiver installed in the study as i want the living room very minimalistic with only the plasma on show.

Sky will be connected using hdmi obviously, and the home cinema kit will be connected using hdmi also as it has upscalling.

Question 1 - What is the best method of remote controlling the sky and home cinema kit from the living room. I have seen a few remote extenders but i want something very small and discreet and it doesnt have to be wireless. this also needs to be cheap....circa £30

Question 2 - apparently the wall i am mounting to is an aluminium framed plasterboard stud wall. Can anyone recommend a bracket and mounting method, this also needs to be relatively low cost and no more than 4cm deep. if i can help it, i dont want to cut any of the plasterboard out.

Question 3 - the rear speakers are wired tall boy speakers, the floor is concrete and i was wondering what would be the best method of getting the cable from the study to the far end of the living room, remember i want everything to be hidden, so dont want any cables showing at all. the floor will be carpeted.

Question 4 - i will be having an lcd upstairs in the bedroom but dont want multiroom. What is the best method of getting sky upstairs? the house is wired for RF in every room with all the cables meeting in the loft so should i just output rf from the sky to the lcd and get a magic eye to change channel or would the quality be better if i got an av sender if so, is there an av sender available that sends an rgb signal?

Erm....I think thats everything.....your help in this would be highly appreciated.

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