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lots of gear but no idea..

Discussion in 'Hi-Fi Stereo Systems & Separates' started by simonspain, Oct 20, 2003.

  1. simonspain


    Products Owned:
    Products Wanted:
    not sure what to use and what to buy. at my disposal i have

    1 rb985 (5x100W THX) bridgeable (with DB25 in)
    1 RB980 (2x120W).. bridgeable

    2 pairs of ap2's 90W (fab) bi amp/wirable
    1 old set of ap3's (only bi ampable and need active crossover),
    2 passive isobaric subs (ea has 2x12ohm40W drivers=)6ohms, and looking to buy another 2 of these units.

    808 centre speaker,
    nad 3240 (only 40Wrms but quality pre-out section with very smooth bass boost circuitry sounds fab),

    Bang and Olufsen
    1 beosystem 4500 which has 2 pre outs,
    1 pair cx100's ((100W-bookshelf speakers)..

    Cable TV
    telewest cable reciver.. ethernetout /IR blaster out/ usb out


    thinking of buying nad t550 DVD player only because it has 5.1 audio outs (am aware of lipsynch problem)

    currently using tv and cd through beosystem4500 powering 1 pair of bi-wired ap2's and rb980 driving 2 subs

    1. do rear speakers have to match front or could i use 6ohm B&O to save space. would 6ohms make the levels different as no pre level controls.

    2. as above for subs - if i use the 985 for the main speakers, the different power level from the br980 (120W) to the subs and them being 6ohm. would inserting the nad 3240 as a preamp in here cure that problem

    2. can i rig this lot up to work simply from the T550 or am i going to have to buy some pre section or receiver or something. mainly concerned with watching DVD's rather than watching films on TV /cable.

    3. am i going to be able to use my beosystem to play cd's on the set up, or will i have to play cd's on nad dvd player and forget about the beosystem.

    HELP - never done home cinema sound and not sure where to start here.

    any advice welcome.

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