LOTR Extended - wrong discs :-(



I just got the LOTR exteneded version from Play.

The problem is that the boxset has 2 copies of disc 2 and no disc 4 :-S

Has anyone got the boxset with 2 copies of disc 4?

Might save having to return it...

Has no one else had the wrong discs or is it just me?

Hi Dan,

I did check just after your first post but mine were all ok.

Sorry :(
I've got 2 copies of the second extras disc but no extras disc 1!
This was from Dvd Soon.

Sent an email off to them, awaiting their response.
Damn, Hooj. If there ever was a retailer I wouldn't want to have to take care of that problem with it would be DVD Soon.

Good luck.

Just opened mine to check and it had me worried for a moment. Two disk ones and two disk twos!

Then I realised it was 1 & 2 of the film and 1 & 2 of the extras!

I'd have been happier if they had had disks 1, 2, 3 and 4!

Hooj, its a shame it is the first extras disc you are missing, coz we could've swapped :-( Unfortunately I have 2 copies of the second movie disc and no second extras disc.

It's now finding the time to go down to the post office to send it back to Play :-( Hope I don't get a customs charge this time as well £8.39 on this one.

Thanks for the replies

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