LOTR - Extended edition



This is £24.99 at WH Smiths and it's available to collect now!


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Just been into town and picked this up, roll on 17:30 to go home and watch it.

Thanks for the tip-off.:D :D :D


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£21.95 @ www.dvdplus.co.uk. Plenty in stock and they ship first class within 24 hours. Ordered mine tonight so hoping I may have it Saturday morning. We'll see.

Guessing fro other posts here that it should be quicker than play.com (who do appear to be slowing down recently :mad: )


Thanks Jag, Got mine from Morrisons £19.99. They had almost sold out though (Sheffield).


Thanks to Jag in a different post ; thought it too good not to re-post !
Picked up mine yesterday ! :D
(They don't sell the bookend version, or at least not in Preston).

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Has anybody got the book end set? If so what’s the quality of the book ends?


Personally i dont think the book ends are worth the extra money.
And the region 1 is worth it for the superior packaging alone.



Have you personally had hold of one of those book ends, and what extras do you get with reg 1?


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I saw the bookend in out local Virgin at the weekend (someone had busted open the packaging). They looked to be good quality and pretty heavy (probably explains the R1 costs as shipping them must cost a bit more than usual.

There are similar to the quality of those 'wizard' status things you get in H. Samuels (the jewllers). Looked pretty impressive but I really want the R1 disks and I;'m not sure that an extra £20 for some 6inch high bookends is really worth it.

The packaging looks great and the bookends are look and feel really nice, I suppose it comes down to do you want to pay for them. If its your sort of thing then go for it.

They are good quality so its not a rip-off.


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I bought the bookend version from Amazon.

They are quite heavy and now are under my tv next to the DVD player.

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