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There are a couple of Easter eggs hidden on the R1 version of Lord of the Rings : Extended Edition.

The first is an MTV Movie Awards paraody (starring Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar) that is hidden on Disc 1. To access it go to the scene selection and scroll down passed the last chapter, a ring appears. Click it.

The second is the Two Towers preview on Disc 2. To access it goto the scene access again then scroll down on the right passed 48. A Two Towers logo will appear. Click it.


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Cheers Jonny
Was wondering where The Two Towers preview had gone from the original 2 disk version

Ta Muchly


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I have the R2 extended version and the MTV council is NOT on there. I spent about 15 minutes trying to get it to work. Basically, in the chapter selection menu, when I go to the last chapter on disc 1(council of course), no mater how long I let it sit there, nothing appears next to the highlighted chapter or next the the "* new scene" text. If I press the down button form here, it simple cycles back around to Chapter 1.

I'll try the preview later as detailed above. I'm not too bothered about this though with the movie around the corner.

Cheers, William


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The TTT preview is on the UKR2.
The MTV spoof is NOT ON THE UKR2. due to age restriction.
EIV chose to leave it out otherwise it would have been a 12.
And I'm really happy that they did. Coz I downloaded the spoof thingy from the net and it's crap and stupid. So i'm happy that I have the only worlwide version that doesn't have that disgrace on it.

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