LOTR Extended - DTS or Dolby Digital?


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I know it's the age old question but any conclusions wether the DTS or Dolby Digital audio encode have any advantages over one another. I always go for the DTS audio but would hate to watch all these movies only to hear afterwards that one audio format is superior to the other.

One last thing, I have a 5.1 speaker set-up (my Denon 500SD can decode 6.1 but I have not got any additional rear speakers). From my understanding the DTS audio will play fine and just ignore the additional rear channel audio information. Does this mean that the rear channel info is totally absent OR does the player matrix it into the rear surround left and right channels.

Thanks in advance for your advice - Really looking forward to watching all three movies.



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Did anyone else notice a kind of hissing, high pitched noise when the hobbit was singing to the stuard of Gondor? (sorry i cant remember any of thier names) I was listening to the DTS sound track. Maybe it was just my cheapish system!


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I've listened to both soundtracks on ROTK , I thought the DD6.1 was superior which was a surprise ( normally the other way round)it just seemed more discrete and the LFE channel more depth.Not tried the other two in both.


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Well I watched all three films using the DTS tracks and they sounded excellent. Definitely the best films I've heard in surround sound - really well mixed and took advantage of all the speaker channels.

I did read two reviews that commented that on the Fellowship of the Ring the DTS track is markedly better than it's Dolby cousin but on The Two Towers there was little to separate them.

Anyway, that's my thoughts


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DTS track is almost twice the size in terms of mb so i would like to hope it sounded better! didnt notice any hissing apul.

Great films Im half way through the third one (had to give up at 1am last night)

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