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What can i say about this dvd? how do i discuss this DVD without sounding like i'm in the pay of EIV?

Having watched it last night i think that i'm safe in saying that ladiesand gentlemen we have a new benchmark in home cinema. the picture, sound and extras are fantastic. the only slight let down are the menus which can be best described as "workmamlike", they get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

The Picture is fantastic, its lush, muted, understated and colourful from the whites of the snow to blackness of the mines and the autumnal tones of the woods the transfer never misses a beat and always looks fantastic.

The sound is out of this world, the DTS soundtrack filled my viewing room with the most expansive soundstage that ive ever heard on a DVD. crystal clear high notes and bass that you can feel in your belly. Howard Shore's score is also a resounding success. Image placement within the soundstage means that those of us lucky enough to have HC are treated to a whilwind of sound that envolpes the viewer. While is didn't notice any over the top rear panning, the rears are very professional employed to keep the viewer in the centre of the action without resorting to cheap tricks and delierate over the top rear panning. i also noticed that the bit rate was consistantly in the high 8's and low 9's (what ever that really means?)

I've only had a couple of hours with the extras but those that i have seen seem to be more than the usual EPK press kit fluff.

The film itself benefited from the extra length giving greater depth to the story and the characters and you can see why peter jackson wanted to put them in. I recently watched the deleted scenes from Attack of the Clones and i can see why GL took them out as they would have weighed the story down. here they enrich the story and make the experiance better all round.

the break to swap disks comes in a very logical place, just after the formation of the fellowship and just before they set off from rivendell about 105 minutes into the film. There are 6 new chapters and 20 extended chapters, 48 in total.

All in all a fantastic 4 disc set that any fan of the film should own. this is one of those DVD's that makes you happy that you bought a HC in the first place. enjoy and cherish is film and join the queue for the 18th December.


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