Lost top half of TV picture


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(This is on an old Panasonic CRT, believe it or not - I think the details are in my signature)

Over the past few days, I've gone out of the room a couple of times, to come back and find the top half of my picture has disappeared and been replaced by a blank screen - so I've never actually seen what happens. Underneath there's a bright gold horizontal line, with the rest of the picture normal below it. If I switch the TV off and on again, the picture comes back normal. If the TV were even older, I'd be thinking it was the horizontal hold (or do I mean vertical hold?) which had gone. I'm guessing I need to start looking for a replacement TV (which will be really annoying, as I'd hoped the old one might hold out until I moved house, when I could get a new full-size one, but as it is I shall have to get a little one to fit in the small space available here, and then get something bigger once I've moved) but do the symptoms sound familiar to anyone, please? I'm curious as to what's wrong.

I did check all the cable connections and everything the first time it happened ...

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