Lost the magic smoke from my Denon AVR-X2400, options?


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First post and it's a bit longwinded, sorry. the TL;DR version is: Denon went pop, what can I realistically replace with?

I got a Denon AVR-X2400 in 2018. First AV received, loved it. Last year just before Lockdown 1.0 it decided to let out a puff of magic smoke while making a crackling noise. Lost all wifi/bluetooth functionality, but everything else seemed to be working fine.

I boxed it up to to get repaired (Richer Sounds extended warranty), but what with all the lockdown stuff going on it ended up sitting in it's box for a year while I waited for the stores to reopen. My local store was made aware of the issue.

February this year I finally got round to requesting a repair from their online thing (would much rather have just taken it to the store, but oh well). They booked it in, then started messing me around with ignoring emails and stuff. Eventually after some more phone calls they did actually collect the unit in April.

A month later (no updates given, no response to requests for updates given) I get a call from my local store to tell me they're giving me £265 in vouchers (original purchase price) to buy a new AVR. Hah, you can't buy an AVR for that much anymore. The -X2400 is going for £4-500 on ebay second hand. The current version, -X2700, is £629 on the RS website.

Oh, the verdict on the unit sent for repair was "Not safe to repair due to extent of burning inside the unit".

What would you do at this point? I can't really afford to pay the difference between the vouchers and the current Denon asking price, and there just doesn't seem to be much choice at RS at the moment (presume this is the same everywhere right now?)

It's a paired with a LG 4K OLED and a Dali speaker system that I'm slowly building to 7.2. surround. Main uses are film (so need decent 4K and HDR support) and music, so needs to hold its own as a stereo amplifier, too.

Am I whistling dixie thinking that I'm going to get something on a par with what I had before for a similar outlay?

Richer Sounds

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I was obviously most concerned to read your thread detailing the problems you have had with our repairs service and offer my sincere apologies.

So that I may investigate further, and resolve the matter asap, I have dropped you a PM requesting more details.

Sincere apologies again, hope to hear from you soon.

Tom Griffiths
Head of Customer Service
Richer Sounds

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