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I decided to record A Clockwork Orange and some documentary last night because I assumed Lost would be on Sky HD on Anytime - just looked and it isn't there! Please tell me I don't have to wait until Wednesday?



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I had the same thing last week, and it showed up on anytime around tuesday time.

It showed up straight after Lost last night though?


I normally record Lost and start watching at about 10:20 to cut the
adverts...usually its on Anytime as soon as I finish watching it.

All I have now is Cindarella Man and Tom & Jerry, of which is new.


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I just download it anyway. Dont know how you guys can wait a whole week to find out that they have somehow inexplicably managed to get through a whole episode without advancing the story. Although last weeks ep was good if predictable.

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i recorded Lost and it appeared on my Anytime this morning, wonder if me recoding it had anything to do with it


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i recorded Lost and it appeared on my Anytime this morning, wonder if me recoding it had anything to do with it

I don't think there's any connection.

I had the Anytime menu on-screen at 10:59 last night -- no Lost -- and at precisely 11 pm it popped up. On pressing Record it appeared in my planner list just after a film that had been recorded at 4 am.

So it's clearly downloaded in the small hours of Sunday morning with a flag that sets it to appear in the Anytime menu at precisely 11pm.


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I'd recorded it anyway, but I noticed it was on Anytime, shortly after 11pm, so I watched it from there with no breaks.


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My Anytime is Lost :) . Everything that was there on Saturday is no more.

All I get was a banner saying "There is nothing available. Please ensure you have Sky+ subscription and try again in a few of hours".

Well at least the 2nd Tier support guy admitted that this is a known problem. The software ocasionally resets Anytime and you have to manually set it to NO (and save) and then back to YES (and save) and wait for it to reload in a couple of days. :thumbsdow


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Lost appeared on my box some time on Sunday night, have transferred it to planner and look forward to higher quality/no ads/no dogs. Sorry... :rolleyes:


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Strangely this is the first time I have had LOST on Anythime, the last few weeks it has never appeared. Having said that...up until 2 days ago very little new material was downloading. Plenty now though:thumbsup:

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