Lost signal on BenQ HT2050


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Ok this is driving me nuts ( or nuttier )

I have a BenQ HT2050 which was a gift from my late mother in 2016. it ran off my xbox one, which was connected to my marantz sr6003 and then a 30ft hdmi to the projector, and worked flawlessly via normal viewing of films, 3d or not, and gaming. Until late last year when it would occasionally lose signal but always came back. March or so this year it started to do this over and over and over, i bought a new hdmi cable as i figured that was the cheapest item to test but the issue remained. At the time i had been saving microsoft points for several years and as i was changing my amp to a Denon X3700H i figued id get Xbox X also. ( getting one of those took till the end of april )
However the problem still persists even though all the components are new.
I contacted BenQ who tell me the HDMI cable at 30ft is too long it wll not carry the signal. but it DID for around 5 years. If i use a shorter cable from the Xbox to the projector it works fine as they suggest. but then today i tried the 30ft cable direct minus the amp and that worked fine also.
im at a loss, surely the old xbox/amp and new xbox/amp can not have the same issue but i do not know why taking the amp out of the loop works, yet for some reason the projector keeps losing the signal when it is in the loop.
on top of the new components, i have tried turning off Auto source, resetting the projector, even trimming down the hdmi rubber hood as i read the benqs have a deep pocket.
i simply can not get my head around this issue. and i am trying to not lose one of the few things i have left from my mother.
can anyone help?
thank you for your time.


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I know no one has offered anything but a update to this.
The old Marantz 6003 has 2 outputs and worked fine for 5 years as above then started dropping the signal.
The new Denon x3700h has 3 , whenever i plug 2 outputs in the projector signal will drop, the projector was swapped out by benq to a refurb, i have a new RUIPRO 4k60hz 33 feet cable to the projector and still the same issue. If this was just a issue with the marantz or the denon id assume it was a receiver issue, but both??
If i only run one display from the main output of the reciever its fine, what its the point of having 3 outputs if i can not have even 2 of them plugged in.? the reciever sits in a unit so its a pain in the backside to have to go and swap cables over.
tv is 4k and PJ is 1080p.
Denon suggest a booster to the 2nd output for the projector which has the optical hdmi.
any advice please on which to get or any workaround, i simply want this working?

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