Lost Planet heading to PS3 ??


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You know the "Only on Xbox 360" label that is slapped on select 360 titles? How exclusive are these games really? It's a question we posed to Jun Takeuchi, one half of the producer duo (Keiji Inafune is the other half of this twosome) behind Capcom's excellent-thus-far Lost Planet, at the Leipzig Game Convention.
"We will try to keep it as a 360 exclusive," Takeuchi said. "But, from the company's point of view, when you think about the business, in the future it's something [port the game to PS3] we might have to do." If the Japanese market wants the title bad enough, it seems possible that there could be a Lost Planet on PS3 -- remember Resident Evil 4?
Not that I will get LP for the PS3 as it will be out be for the 360 first for sure, but for people who dont plan on getting a 360 and just a PS3 this good news.

Some new pics, video and info regarding multiplayer for the 360 version, enough 360 uses come in here so...





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yep ive heard that devil may cry will be coming to 360 and this coming to ps3, all down to the way capcom are now developing games which is pc based up until the final stages

but there will be no rush for capcom to create the ps3 version as it will take time for the userbase to build up, maybe fall 2007 im pretty sure it wont be out in march 07 like the 360 version though
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