Lost Planet- Any good??


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Thinking of buying this game,is it any good,played the demo seems decent

just wondering what you people think before i purchase?

Thanks for any comments


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I'd highly recommend it.

I don't get much time for games these days but this has really gripped me....it's one of those great fun games which has little to annoy you but lots to keep you coming back for more.

I've played it more than GOW!!!


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if you liked the demo you'll like the full game. simple.

Captain Beaky

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i liked the demo but didnt like the main game. its a dull repetition of shockingly easy levels and shockingly hard bosses. dont get me wrong, the concept is nice and the graphics are amazing, but it just didnt do it for me. if you want mindless action and lots of bugs and huge beasts to kill, get edf. half the price too!


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i liked the demo but didnt like the main game. its a dull repetition of shockingly easy levels and shockingly hard bosses. dont get me wrong, the concept is nice and the graphics are amazing, but it just didnt do it for me. if you want mindless action and lots of bugs and huge beasts to kill, get edf. half the price too!

same here, couldnt bother to continue and finish the game. the graphics are great but got bored very soon.


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i just completed it about an hour ago. Its pretty good but can get repetative. Its got a pretty good story to it and its a big game but those bosses can be a pain in the ass. Its got a pretty decent online multiplayer mode but most people wont play it due to some tough competiton out there. After playing it through on normal i wont be going through it again on hard.


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it the online online play that makes this title, my favorourite 360 title so far, seems to be a marmite type thing though


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Its OK. I agree with a previous post, easy levels and very hard bosses. Avoid in my opinion as its not worth the bother of beating the bosses


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I like it, but... I'm stuck on a boss 'the greeneye' it's annoyingly hard, and i've kind of ost interest because of it. Up until then it was a lot of fun though.

Indiana Jones

I really enjoyed the demo and pre-ordered the LE version from Game which I recieved the day before release but to this day I have only completed the first 2 levels :rolleyes:

I dont know what it is about it but I just stopped playing it and went back to other games I already had.


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I liked it when i bought it, i got to about level 9 i think, got to an annoying bit and then stopped playing it, cant remeber what happened i think another game came out and it went out the window. Multiplayer isn't appealing tbh it wasnt that fun, this game is all about the singleplayer, looks good mindless fun. I should really go back and finish it thinking about it.

Worth it if you can find it cheap and you dont get bored easily and you like nice graphics.


Have to agree, cracking good single player fun, although it can be bloomin hard in places...so much so I gave up & started again on Easy (who you callin a wuss!?)

Much more fun on easy (for me at least!)....and i'm safe in the knowledge I might just actually be able to defeat one of the b'std end level bosses!


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I gave up on mission 4. The game was enjoyable enough but the end of level bosses on normal difficulty were ridiculously hard. So hard in fact that I gave up, stuck the cd back in the case and am ready to trade it in for something else that hopefully wont lead to me getting a stomach ulcer through stress!

Its a shame as I was enjoying it. But when it takes 20+ attempts to kill an end of level boss on only the 4th mission you know someone somewhere screwed up (and I`m not talking about me and my technique either!) ;-)


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I've hired it at the moment and would recommend that as the best way to play it. It looks great and there are some fairly cool battle and boss sequences and it's worth playing through once. That said it's not a game I would ever really come back to and I doubt it's one I could remember a single portion of in a few months time. Most of the levels can feel like a bit of a duck hunt at times (until you get to the bosses like other people have said). Also, *** is the story all about?! I've got next to no idea what is going on and who on earth all these characters are supposed to be.


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Had to add an opinion even if it is an old thread. Lost Planet is a superb game and easily game of this year so far. Graphics are stunning.:D


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well IMO its too slow. the graphics are v good, but it seems like its in slow motion when moving your character... that for me lets the game down

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Agree with pretty everything what everyone else said.
The boss battles can be extremley frustrating.
Although they are are epic battles. After the 6th or 7th time it starts to wear a bit thin. Especailly if it has taken 8mins to get there and then due to lack of ammo or thermal energy you simply die!
There is a way to kill some of the bosses quickly. I think level 4 there is a big flying creature, all you have is a small hill as cover from its missiles etc.
I had nearly given up and so eventually I just went straight for the kill. Managed to kill the creature in about 2 mins, although this does not work on alot of the other bosses.
If you do buy it. Start on Easy, I wonlt normally say this but those bosses are tough.
The big alien boss at the end of the demo is very easy compared to the same one in the full game!


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Borrowed it off my boss.

Just don't like it. Only done about 30 minutes on it though so will give it one more shot.

It just seems, I don't know....weak? The machine gun sounds rubbish and the whole thermal energy plot is lame. Why don't your colleagues need to pick up the energy? Ruins the immersion.

As for the plot, (yes I know, plots are secondary to gameplay) why don't they try another planet? What's so good about an ice planet? If they need the thermal energy from the creatures, what were they going to do before they discovered them? What do the creatures eat? Why do they feel justified in returning to a planet to eradicate all hostile life just so they can live there?

As you can tell, the plot annoys me :D


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Best game of the year with Crackdown which I forgot to mention earlier. When I first played Lost Planet the boss battles did get me frustrated and some are extremely hard but once you get into it and master the VS's then they get easier. Its the only game that I have really got into playing on live as well. The graphics are superb......superb on a HD tv.

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