lost of Dolby Atmos after Cisco 2960 connection


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I used Samsung HWN950 and it can display Dolby Atmos well from appleTV 4K. Days ago, I was told that the video and audio quality will be improved if I put a Cisco 2960G switch between Reuter and apple TV 4K. I tried the connection it did show a great improvement in both video and audio quality. However, after this change in connection, the Dolby Atmos from Netflix and Itune movie was lost. May somebody help me in this issue? Thank you in advance.


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I can't see how introducing a switch would change anything per se, unless it's reducing the link speed to your TV, so that fools the likes of Netflix into thinking that your Internet speed isn't fast enough. You could check your Netflix settings to see if that helps. It could well be a switch configuration issue.


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