Lost My Bung


I was playing around with the positioning of my Q Acoustic 3050i floorstanders tonight trying to get a preferable sound. I was also trying them with and without the foam bungs in the bass port on the back. Cut a long story short, my fat sausage fingers have managed to push one of the bungs all the way in and into the speaker itself.
Should I have any concerns?


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Has it fallen into the speaker or is it so far in the port that you can't reach it to pull it out?

If it has fallen in, and you are unwilling to take the speaker apart to get it, then I don't see it causing any problems. Of course you are out the Bung, but you can probably order another pair. I don't imagine they will be expensive.

If it is simple too far into the port to reach, I think getting it out is just a matter of ingenuity. Perhaps some long kitchen tongs or similar.

Let us know what happens.



Thanks for the quick reply Steve.
It's fallen in.
I'll have a look to see if it's easy to take the speaker apart and retrieve it.
Anything too taxing and I'll probably leave it then and buy a replacement.
Thanks again :thumbsup:

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