Lost Multiplexes A & C on Panasonic TH-37PX70


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I have 3 TV's in my home & in the last few weeks I lost some freeview channels just on one TV. After closer investigation I have noticed that they are all the channels that correspond to Multiplexes A and C. I have tried to reset and retune the TV, but it is not picking these up. The other 2 TV's work absolutely fine.

Any advice would be appreciated.

I live in the NW London area, so probably Alexander Palace is providing my service.

Peter Rhea

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Is it possible to try the tv in question at a different aerial point?

Or try your own postcode here & see if those muxes are generally weaker in your area.

A slight cable fault or similar may have been enough to cause loss of reception if they were already borderline (the relative sensitivity of different tv tuners can also be a factor).


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Can't move the TV as it is fixed on a wall bracket. I don't think its the Crystal Palace transmitter as otherwise I wouldn't get all the channels on the other TV. I'll check the cabling to see if that could cause the problem.

Any other suggestions are welcome, thanks.


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Don't know if this helps at all, but I encountered a similar problem some time ago with a Panasonic DVD Recorder and a Panasonic V10 plasma in my living room. I had a good selection of channels, but all of a sudden a number of them simply disappeared. I could dial-up the channel number (because it had existed when I last performed a channel scan), but was presented with a simple "No Signal" message on both devices.

After some digging around I discovered the missing channels all belonged to the same mux (mux C in this case). The odd thing was that I had another Panny recorder in a different room (who's RF signal was fed from the RF2 output of my Sky receiver) which could still see a full compliment of channels, as could the cheap-and-cheerful LCD TV it was connected to.

In the end the only thing that worked (though it worked very well) was to remove all of the factory supplied RF aerial cables from my living room set-up and replace them with higher quality replacements - with better shielding, I assume.

Not only did my missing channels return, but the overall signal quality went up a couple of notches also.


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AP is analogue only so definitely NOT the source of digital for you.... NW London is too vague to be certain... more likely CP {or Hemel Hempstead (using a Vertically polarised aerial)}.

Checking the fly-leads is step one. Do you know how the aerial feed is split / sent to different outlets (check connections there next). Finally, check any wall sockets' connections.

Perhaps you can move a working set to the 'problem' location to confirm it is the feed via that cable that is faulty (or not). That might make the removal of the TV from the wall-bracket a logical next step?


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Thanks. I'll connect another TV to the feed which is supplying the "faulty" TV and see if I lose any channels. At the moment I have the main feed coming into my Sky box, with RF1 direct to plasma and RF2 to distribution amplifier where the other outlets connect in to. (Like gobstopper).

I'll let the you know.


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Just to let anyone else having the same problem know what happended. I connected another TV to the same output and found that I got all the channels. I then connected a new coaxial cable between the TV and Sky box and found that I got all the channels inc. the missing ones from before. As my TV is wall mounted I was going to feed the new coaxial behind the wall instead of the old one, but first reconnected the old one to see what happens. I noticed that the picture clarity initially dropped on my test channel Sky News (which was missing before). I then fiddled around with the connection of the coaxial to the back of the Sky box and got a perfect picture. So no need to swap over coaxial cables. All it was in the end was a loose connection at the back of the Sky box.

Anyone with a similar problem, I would suggest to do these diagnostics first to establish if its a connection/coaxial fault, rather than TV or aerial.

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