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Thanks for taking a little time to read this. Honestly I registered just to ask this question but have looked around a bit and there is a wealth of knowledge here for someone who loves film.

Anyways I have a mystery for you. There are a couple films I’ve spent many… many years looking for both mildly obscure. I haven’t had any luck, but I don’t seem to have the arsenal many of you have. Hopefully you accept my challenge. I sure would appreciate the itch in the back of my mind gone. Thank you-

1.) Movie set in Mexico, mostly Spanish. A rich teenager sets out to buy some weed, and the dealer ends up kidnapping him for ransom. Only to find out later that he’s the son of someone important in the cartel (some sort of politician I think) anyways it doesn’t work out too well for him.

The cover I saw for the movie I vaguely remember a lot of yellow. A heavyset gangster sitting on a car. And the title started with “El ——-“

2.) Two friend go on a survival trip and something goes wrong. I remember they had to resort to drinking their own urine. A conflict between them happens and one is pushed into the woods that they come across eventually. He then is possessed by some sort of primeval nature spirit and tries to murder his friend.

Sorry if I get any details wrong. It’s been a long time and I’m not very easy on my body. Not as sharp as I once was. Thank you for your time-

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