Lost ITV1 with error code 30 ??

hammer man

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Just lost ITV1 with the info bar stating "no signal being received" with the number 30 next to it. Does anyone know what this means as all other channels and signal meters show OK. Cheers


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I often get this on various channels, no idea what the error code is but i finf that if i flick over and flick back then the signal returns.

hammer man

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Turned off, removed/replaced both inputs and turned on. Seems to now be behaving. Jeez, this thing is more temperamental than SWMBO:rolleyes:


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I'm not sure losing ITV is a bad thing, particularly if a football match is about start! :D



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Im getting the same issue, started last night.

This also happened 2 weeks ago, and the fault spread to more channels and ended up having the box replaced. Could be box number 3 for me, I only got it installed under a month ago!!!

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