Lost ITV, C4, C5 Freeview channels


I've been prompted to retune my Panasonic TV for the last couple of days, and when I tried watching ITV the signal was very poor (unwatchable), so I did an auto-retune. I have now lost ITV, C4, C5 and probably a load of other channels. The auto-retune found 29 channels altogether (the tuner does not pick up HD channels).
Signal quality for BBC1 is about 3/10, but signal strength is 10/10. Same for BBC2.
Signal quality for London Live (Channel 8) is 7/10, signal strength 8/10.
Signal quality for Dave (Channel 19) is 1/10, signal strength 10/10.

My postcode is TW10 6xx (I believe I'm using the Crystal Palace transmitter), and reception hasn't been a problem up to now.
Any ideas??


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Crystal Palace is almost certainly the most likely transmitter in that postcode area. Just 10 miles away, and quite a high predicted signal level.

The results - high strength and poor quality - suggests an aerial problem or that something has happened recently to cause such a change. Has anything changed recently wrt the aerial system you use?

Overload, too much signal, can (fairly rarely) give such problems. But you say all was fine until recently so overload is most unlikely.
Is it your own aerial? Where is it located? If it's a shared aka communal aerial, has any work been carried out on it recently (that may have resulted in too much signal after the work)?

Has the aerial been moved or damaged in recent wind? Has water got into connection box or the cable with recent rains? It might be a cable/connector issue (check all plugs & sockets, remake suspect ones, swap fly leads for others).

Move HDMI cables (if any) away from the aerial wires. HDMI and UHF TV cables can cross-interfere, especially if a TV cable has a poor screen or dodgy connection.

Have you had any cards or leaflets from the AT800 campaign regarding new mobile phone towers or poles being erected near you that might cause interference?


Thanks for the feedback and suggestions. It's my own aerial - on the roof. It hasn't been moved or modified, but some of the external cabling looks like it has been chewed by animals, so could be causing the problem. I'll need to look into getting it repaired/replaced.


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looks like it has been chewed by animals, so could be causing the problem.
Good detective work.

Worth replacing the whole length of cable to the aerial probably. Insist on good quality double-screened cable with all-copper core, copper braid and copper foil screen. Webro WF100, Triax TX100, Philex PF100 and Doncaster Cables CT100 are examples. It costs a little more but it will withstand the weather better.

Avoid copper coated steel core and aluminised plastic foil screens at all costs!

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