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Phil Hinton

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Jan 18, 2001
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We take a look at the Bafta sensation that is Lost In Translation

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Excellent review phil :smashin:. I'm absolutely DESPERATE to see this movie (my local Odeon are not showing it), and I HAVE to import it, your review has just nudged me into doing so :).

I love Bill Murray's work and am really looking forward to seeing this, if he wins the oscar I can die a happy man :D.

Its a great film!

A real heart-warmer!
Watched this tonight and found it utterly captivating. Almost dream-like in places, make sure your monitor's calibrated as it's very dark in places:)
I think I will order this today, I like anything with Bill Murray.
...and imho this is by far Murray's finest performance ever.
Superb film (one for the grown-ups at last!) and an excellent performance from Murray.

Murray fans beware - it ain't "Caddyshack", "Stripes" or "Ghostbusters" - a different beast altogether.
I was thinking more of a Groundhog day.
I love this film . Its "Brief Encounter" for the 21st century.
Perfect description Keith. :smashin:
Another great reason to see this is Scarlett Johansson: fabulous!
Originally posted by expat
Another great reason to see this is Scarlett Johansson: fabulous!

Have to agree on that, I had never really noticed her work before this, but she is brilliant in this movie and her last line of dialogue is full of emotion that you believe.:smashin:
Fabulous what though mate?! :laugh: ;)
Originally posted by Games Guru
Fabulous what though mate?! :laugh: ;)

Well she does wander around in her skin tight knickers quite a bit
Scarlett Johansson:

Fabulous to look at and IMHO a great actress. If you haven't seen her in "Ghost World", you should...
watched this last night and loved every minute of it.

Great opening shot of Scarlett's arse :D

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