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I've been reading article after article and you guys are clearly the experts while I'm a total noob. I've got a somewhat awkwardly shaped theater room and have come up with just 2 furniture layout ideas. Option #1 is aesthetically LESS pleasing, but I think the audio will work out better. Option #2 seems to function/flow better but I'm concerned about the rear speakers.

Based on the reading, I think a 5.1.4 system is going to work out best in my room.
I've chosen (unless you tell me I'm dumb):
screen: Grandview PE L120DY3
projector: LG-HU85LA (ultra short throw)
receiver: Denon AVR-4700
sub: SB2000-PRO

As for the speakers, I really don't know what to do. We DO NOT EVER watch bluray. We are simply sports, cable TiVo, Netflix, HBO and XBOX users. I don't want to throw money away at the absolute most amazing speakers in the world if the source of our media doesn't enable all the coolest tech out there.

I like the idea of in-wall and in-ceiling speakers (except the sub) but I'm in NO WAY AT ALL married to that idea. You'll see that acoustically the room is somewhat of a challenge especially if we end up with OPTION #2 as our preference whereby the rears will likely drown out the LCR if you're sitting in the back.

1. Which furniture layout do you think works best?
2. Which speakers do I buy and where do I place them?
3. If my selections above (screen, projector, receiver, sub) are not thought to work best in the room - let me know a better option.

CEILINGS will be flat black. WALLS will be a grey'ish color. FLOORING will be carpet squares to help absorb sound.



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