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Merry Christmas everyone.

Last night my tv screen froze and then went a pink colour.

All the HDMI outputs on the menu are all greyed out and I am unable to select them.

My TV is a Samsung series 6 LE40A656A

Any advice is much appreciated.



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The HDMI inputs will be greyed out unless there is equipment plugged into them.
Have you tried unplugging the power and then plugging back in again?


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Hi JayCee.

Thanks for replying on Christmas day. I have my av amp plugged into the tv.

I have just unplugged the tv and will let you know what happens.


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Ok what I have now is a two tone pink screen. A dark pink at the top with broken lines. The rest of the screen about 90% is a light pale pink.


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Hi JayCee.

I've established the problem now. I plugged my Blu-ray straight into the tv and it was fine on all hdmi slots.

The problem is my Sony amp, I changed plugs just to make sure but still a problem.

Now my screen looks like a faulty gfx on a pc.


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Reset the amp? First unplug for 10 mins or so, then find the manual and see what it says about a factory reset. Probably a case of holding some combination of buttons while switching the unit on.
Regards, Iain.

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