Lost HDMI output, my fault?


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Last night I was watching HDMI quite happily when I decided to swap out my very short HDMI cable for the new longer one I just bought off fleabay. Stupidly I didn't power down either the TV or the Sky box (DRX890).

The signal did not reappear after I had installed the cable.

I've tried a known working cable to no avail. I've also tried connecting the Sky box to a different HDMI port on the TV with a working cable. That didn't work either.
I've connected my Blueray player to the original HDMI port on the TV and that is OK. I've connected the Sky box via scart and that is OK too. So the TV HDMI input is still OK and the Sky box still outputs on scart.

Reading the archives, I've done the full software upgrade (holding Backup whilst switching on etc) and also the HDMI handshake reboot many times, but neither have worked. I'm coming to the conclusion that the HDMI port on the Sky box is kaputt, either because I disconnected/reconnected with both TV and box switched on, or because the new long cable has b*ggered it.

Do you think I'm right or are there any more tests I can do or settings I can change? Your help would be appreciated. If I get an engineer out it becomes a very expensive HDMI cable off fleabay.

Stevenage Neil

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Have you powered down the Sky box, ie removed the power, for a few seconds?


That should fix it, but in case it doesn't just report to Sky that the machine isn't working properly.


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Thanks folks but yes, I've done that several times. The handshake reboot I referred to switches both devices off completely, unplugs/replugs the cable and then powers it all back up in order. It hasn't worked, which is what's making me think I've blown it up.


Just report it - don't say what happened.

Joe Fernand

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Do you have another TV with an HDMI Input - odd as it sounds try connecting the SKY box to it and if it works then go back to the original TV.


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