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A couple of days ago we started to have an issue on our Samsung TV in the kitchen as we had no signal on quite a lot of channels. Retuned and lost all BBC and all HD (having to watch rugby in SD😔).
I can find no reason why we should lose these Now as there was no changes planned on CP and on retune it says we only have 56 channels.
Any help would be appreciated as nothing has changed in our house and other tv is ok.


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Is there one aerial feeding both sets or more than one aerial?
Your own or shared (communal)?

Location (approx) i.e. postcode of shop/church/school/pub very close by to estimate signal levels etc.,.

Most likely cause is a connection issue.
Check all aerial cables and plugs/sockets feeding the problem TV. (Heating and cooling causes expansion and contraction that can loosen a once good connection).

Try the kitchen TV on the main set aerial feed (and vice versa if possible). Different TV tuners have different sensitivity and one may work where the other can't... That may indicate that the aerial system is failing or something is causing you a reception problem.

Wind and rain is probably the most likely cause of damage to external aerials currently. But exposure to the sun also makes plastics brittle and allow moisture in where it is not wanted.

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