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    I was using a Samsung miniDV camcorder with a Sony chip-tape. I used 50 of the 60 available minutes of the tape. I now have a Sony DCR-TRV50E and many of my footage is somehow lost!!!! In addition, some of my footage is misplaced (like it has been automatically edited and some footage has been put after another whereas it was original prior to that one). How can this be possible ? I haven't done anything at all to either the tape or the footage. Can i somehow find the lost footage? How was it deleted?

    Thanking you in advance,

    off / d.

    ps. i should note that the samsung was a borrowed camcorder so i didn't use it for more that 1 week. what i noticed though is that some times it automatically deleted some of my footage. the thing is that the footage i'm talking about earlier, wasn't deleted as i had checked it and watched it!

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