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Hi, i have a canon 500d , i switched my camera on and focused on a object and found that the 9 red focus dots were not showing ,i switched on and off and tried a different lens and i still cannot see the red focusing dots. Could any one please help.Thanks


Do ANY of them show?

On the rear of my 5d one of the buttons has a diagram next to it looking like a blue chequered noughts and crosses grid. Press that and turn the wheel changing it from all the focus points to a single one and back again. The same thing is pictured on the top of yours on the very right hand button.

The focusing matrix is inside the camera itself, and i have NEVER known one to come loose, so unlikely that.
They only show red when focus is locked onto something, so you can also check that you lens is on AF and also that the distance limiter isnt set on the lens or your not trying to focus on something too close.

Also if i set mine to video i think AF is lost then too (but may be wrong).


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Thanks for the reply,i have done that and it is on 9 points automatic . This problem is not stopping me taking pics but i know the feature was ok a couple of days ago and i have had not changed any settings , just concerned why it is not thier anymore .

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not the same camera, but I had focus stuck on a single point yesterday on my d7000 I couldnt figure it out as it wasnt locked or anything. I tore whats left of my hair out. In the end I did a reset to factory settings and mine came back.whilst I would have loved to know what I did, at least it is useable again.

before taking it back I would do that first.


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Thanks all for trying to help, i have taken the camera back to the shop and the assistant agreed that thier was a fault,its going in for repair and (this is the bit that got me a touch vexed as i was quite compliant and listened to all he had to say ) if thier is nothing un toward it should get fixed for free , as they may have to give me a estimate for repairing ,he then asked if i wanted to take out a extended warranty with them ,thats when i told him i would not be paying for anything and walked out , ...i was just annoyed at him basicaly saying if they say its my fault i have to pay .it was as though i was telling him lies and i deliberatley broke my own camera,...he also said it could take two months before i get the camera back. ...i dont expect it back within 24hrs but two months without my camera .


How old is it?
Usually Canon are very good with repairs.
I bent the pins on my 5d pushing the card in at an angle.
Can't remember doing it and blamed the wife, but that besides the point.
I sent it to Canon UK and they repaired it for free.
Great service for something that was my own fault.


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.he also said it could take two months before i get the camera back. ...i dont expect it back within 24hrs but two months without my camera .

Under the Sale of Goods Act, the retailer must either repair or replace the goods 'within a reasonable time but without causing significant inconvenience'. If the seller doesn't do this, you are entitled to claim either:

reduction on the purchase price, or
your money back, minus an amount for the usage you've had of the goods (called 'recision').

Your rights - Understanding the Sale of Goods Act - Sale of goods - Which? Consumer Rights

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