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Not sure if this is the right forum but hopefully someone can help, I am a regular photography forum member.

I started my internet experiance years ago with Freeserve and got a user name / e-mail address with them, this then changed to Wannadoo and now Orange, all using the same account name / e-mail address. In the meantime I have bought several domain names, all through UK2.net, each with e-mail addresses re-directed via UK2.net through my original e-mail address.

Have had no problems with this for years apart from the ever increasing number of Spam mails I get, probably as a result of having the domain names (some of which have been hi-jacked at some time or another !) It is not unusual for me to get up to 150 mails a day or more, most of which is spam, I use Mailwasher pro 5.3 to filter them and the system works well.

I recently took out an Orange mobile contract, the Dolphin 35 package, the main selling point of which was that I got a stonking phone (Nokia N95) and my broadband for free along with oodles of minutes.

It turns out that you have to notify them that you want to go onto the free service rather than them just take it for granted that you want it !!

I phoned them a week or so ago to make the change, since then I have had about 10 e-mails instead of the normal 1200 or so I would have expected (inc. spam), sounds great but the problem is that all the accounts that matter (ebay - other online shops I use and some others) have my other addresses that used to get re-directed.

Does anyone have any idea's ? - Orange's people seem convinced my mailbox is full which I do not think is the case. I can send and recieve test messages to the original freeserve account but not any others, I use Outlook Express which as far as I know does not sufer the pst file problem associated with Outlook (we have had to fix this at work so I am familiar with it).

Help would be gratefully recieved.



I'm a bit confused, who hosts your domains right now and to what ISP/service are they pointing to for Mail? (MX records)


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