Lost downloaded american themes and pics



Hi just had refurb xbox 360 sent to me. As expected XBL arcade games only trial versions if not on live.
I cannot view themes that i have downloaded with american tag.Still have Borat gamer pic but does not show up as an option when i want to change it.My american tag still has all content available to it.
So have they stopped you using downloaded/stored content with other gamertags on same console?:lease:


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The content was tied to the previous console. The content can no longer match the ID of the downloading console to your current console. As a result it kicks into a reduced-usage/rights-management mode where the gamertag that downloaded the content has to be signed in to use the content. Part of it is also online verification that your gamertag bought the content. Go offline, content turns into a demo or is unavailable.

Same thing happens when you take a gamerpic or theme on memory card to a friends house. Unless the downloader signs in, it won't be available to use.

If the replacement console was a swap with Microsoft, you might have to endure the call centre and ask for a refund of you gamerpoints if any were spent on content. They might ask you to create a new gamertag if you don't already have one spare..to refund your points to. Also you could try and setup another US gamertag and download the free content afresh so that it is tied to your existing console.



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dude i had the same prob, did u keep the hard drive? when i swtched my console i had to redownload everything ie maps and stuff as all the data is locked to thre console

Urien Rheged

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I asked a similar question here but got no response.

At least I know what's happened now. :thumbsup:

Can I delete and download the themes & pictures again onto my U.S account and then be able to use them again on my U.K account using my replacement console. n.b. I kept the original hard drive.


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I have noticed the same problems with gamerpics but more annoyingly also videos downloaded through my US account.
Some of the videos I have downloaded require me to be logged into my US account in order to play them; deleting and re-downloading didn't work.
It only seems to affect recent trailers which have usage rights etc. e.g. I can play 300 trailer 1 fine, but 300 trailer 2 only works if I'm logged into my US account.

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