Lost channels after house move


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Since moving house last week, we've lost the following channels :

ITV (103)
ITV2 (226)
Home and Leisure +1 (134)
Hallmark (190)
Kerrang (454)

there may be others. I get a 'No satellite signal is being received' message. As usual, Sky reckon I need an engineer (at a cost of £65 to investigate). There's no problem with the box (all other channels work OK and was fine at my old address).

Don't know if this matters but I've moved to an apartment which has a communal dish.

Is there anything I can try to get these channels back ?


A soft re-boot may help.

* Take viewing card out.

* Switch off from mains

* Leave for 20 secs

* Switch mains back on

* Leave for 1minute

* Switch digi box on

* Wait for message "insert viewing card"


Good luck.


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Check the signal strength , it should be at least half way. I had a problem on mine for the last few weeks , when I checked the signal strength was down to about 2\5 . When I shortened my extension cable that I made up by about 5 mtrs (didn’t need the excess) it went back upto about half way again and all my channels are back. When I get the chance I will phone SKY and cancel the call out .

Just one thing however . I installed this extended cable over 9 months ago and never had a problem so I suspect the signal strength had dropped in the mean time .

Is it your SKY channels that are dropping off ?


No they are not.

The signals from all Astra satellites are carefully monitored and although there can be variations from time to time, signals are never weak enough to lose channels.

The broadcasters wouldn't put up with that!

Sounds more like a local cable/dish problem at your end and you have done the right thing to make the signal stronger - but make sure all external connections are very waterproof.

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