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Hi all, we have a B&O TV with freeview and for some reason about a week ago a bunch of channels got patchy, very pixelated or no signal. Some channels were functioning perfectly. Oddly this seemed to be worst on the BBC channels, ITV and channel 4 seem to be fine. I tried a channel update, this seemed to achieve nothing so I did a complete channel retune this evening and rather than the 79 channels we had previously we now only have 14. The house is only a year old so all the cabling is new and good, and we installed the aerial when we moved in so it's not that old either but I did install it myself and am definitely not an expert. Bit confused here! Any help much appreciated!


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NEVER RETUNE when a fault appears on an installation! It hinders fault finding/rectification. If the tuning had been untouched as soon as the problem was fixed the missing channels would return!

Now you have to fix a possible, and manual or auto retune.... then try another and repeat...

The newness of an install does not stop faults developing with it.

First go over all the wiring and connections. Re-make any hand-made plugs and sockets. Tighten any loose connections.

Info on the following is required to diagnose more:
1. LOCATION (a very nearby shop/church/pub/school postcode is ideal). That will allow prediction tools to estimate signal level and reception quality plus the transmitter(s) that serve you.
2. Details of the aerial (make and model) you installed and how it is aligned (pointing direction via a compass) and orientation (prongs vertical or horizontal). Also where is it located (room, loft, outside at gutter level or ... ?
3. Cable used (some has makers marks/codes on the outer sheath)/
4. If any splitters are used and if so, passive or powered (amplified) and how many outlets.

Most likely issue is a dodgy connection to the TV.
Next damage to the aerial/connection/water ingress if outside.

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