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Just completed this charming, slight dark toned "Limbo" style VR platform game. Ultimately, its really just a 2.5D platformer but the VR element upgrades the experience to being immersed in a barnhouse theatre with your 2.5d platformer game scrolling on a stage in front of you. Whatever the setting on stage is reflected aesthetically in the theatre around you. Your controller is also sometimes part of the VR environment for some elements of the game. The atmosphere and presentation is beautiful and I loved the animation details. It is actually more akin to Never Alone than Limbo (which is pretty damn dark). It is lovely.

But its a very easy game. The puzzle solving and moments of action are not anywhere near as challenging as in Limbo/Never Alone. Its also very short and took me just under two hours to complete. The storyline is ultra simple and unlike the acclaimed indie games Limbo and Tale of Two Sons, etc, there is no thought provocation or soul reaching stuff going on here.

I also can't help feel there is a missed opportunity here to throw in more kicks into the VR immersion element given the opportunity of the setting here.

However, at the PS Store Summer sale price of just £3.99 (normally £7), it is still very much a worthwhile purchase for the short 1-2hr experience. More than twice cheaper than watching a 3D flick at the cinema of same length.

Its a 7/10 VR experience for me.

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