Lost BBC4 HD - how to complain.


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A few months ago we lost BB4-HD (and other channels). This was due to the move of the COM8 multiplex to 754MHz (in London). This is apparently part of the process to eventually free up spectrum to be sold off. Similar problems exist in other areas also.
I've finally found time to research this (having had to watch standard definition for months!)
The problem is that we have a narrow band A TV aerial, as advised for the Crystal Palace transmitter since the early days of UHF transmissions. This was still being recommended at the time of Digital switchover (we are in a poor signal aerial due to a hill so the aerial goes on top of a 3 storey house - not easy to reach.) Our Band A aerial receives virtually no signal at over 700MHz. Apparently there is a plan to move everything back to lower frequencies in a couple of years when the high frequencies are finally cleared - but I'll believe that when it happens. Our only solution is invest in a wide-band aerial apparently, at high cost just 8 years after installing the existing aerial.
I am angry that the BBC / Freeview and others advised using a tuned Band A aerial until relatively recently. Then moved one of our favourite channels to a frequency that can't be received by this recommended aerial.
At the very least I would like to complain to someone. But who can I complain to? The BBC complaints web page redirects me to a different page when I say I have a reception complaint, and there is no contact or complaints page. I can't find any complaints page to use - not even on this forum.
So I am posting this! Anyone know where to complain to?


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The first thing to do is to identify who you're complaining about. At800 launched in 2013 so in 2011 it was likely either DigitalUK or Freeview (or possibly the BBC, but as the transmitter side is independent these days they may not have been involved in formulating the advice).

Do you have any leaflets from the time, or remember where you saw the advice?

The 700Mhz clearance is definitely happening. I don't know if there was ever a claim that 'everything' would be moved back down, some channels may well be turned off in favour of internet streaming (as BBC Three was a few years ago).

Whether BBC Four HD will continue to be broadcast remains to be seen, it's entirely possible that more of the top quality versions of BBC programs will go streaming-only - as the HDR versions are already.

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