Question Lost Audi on HDMI Arc & HDMI port 2 (Sky Q box both times)


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Model-(LG TV 55UH625V-ZA) Is it possible for connected equipment to break the HDMI port? In March my Sky Q box lost sound, connected via LG Soundbar via Optical cable. The optical cable seemed to have a loose connection so i binned that. However still no sound via HDMI port. I changed the port to HDMI 2 & all was good. Nothing I connect to Port 1 gets sound, PS4 or Firestick, so i assume it is goosed. Today, the sound stopped from Sky q box again? swapped with PS4 on HDMI 3, Sky q now works, PS4 on HDMI 2, No sound. Is that me stuck with just one working HDMI port? I have been through all menus checking for anything that may cause it. Doing a sound test, says The problem is not with your TV...... Any advice would be very helpful. I have tried other HDMI cables, no joy. As i said even a firestick connected directly to one of those ports gets no audio out? Seems strange that both times was when the Sky Q box was connected. To port in question.


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Basic things first.
Have you tried that most basic thing which everyone should do before anything else?
Unplug or switch off at the power socket your TV and Sky box tonight at bedtime then switch them on in the morning.
Give the Sky Q box a couple of mins to initialise then switch it on.


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All sorted, Thanks JayCee, I had tried that, I managed to fix the problem today, by resetting TV to factory settings. I am positive i tried that before. The firmware was bang up to date, from 01/2020. However don't know if it had installed correctly as Some icons definitely display differently. The icons for apps, when i click the Home button, lost my IPTV etc, but that's on Firestick now so not going to bother redoing that. Just a huge relief that TV is functioning properly. Believe me i spent hours on this the 1st time it happened, trying different settings for Dolby Digital on Sky Q box, etc etc. Found a message about using Netflix app from Sky Q box, that can mess with volume/sound. Usually rectified by switching TV off/unpower it is you advised. Something along the lines of if u do not quit the app properly using the apps exit button. We don't use Netflix on Sky box, we use the app on LG tv. However i remembered clicking it from Sky Box, on Sunday, before quitting & using the usual LG app, positive this is what caused the problem.


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Firmware updates do odd tnings to settings and functions, based on my experience when updating my LG TV. Luckily, I’ve found that pulling mains power after the update has completed has thus far sorted any oddities. Of course, it could just be that my TV is a bit iffy, as it does have its moments from time to time ... Because the core software is common to a number of TVs in any one release, some updates add nothing to your particular model, yet even with auto updating turned off, my TV nags me to update. If I have a working system, unless there are specific benefits to applying an update I’d rather leave things well alone, and not be nagged every tine I turn the init on.


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