Lost and/or 24 repeated from start of series?


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Does anyone know if they will be showing either of these from the beginning of the current series again?

I didn't get HD till they were several episodes in, so I can't watch the current episodes which is a pain. I know they keep repeating them but not from the start I believe.

Anyone know?



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You just missed out, last weekend was Easter catch up where Lost, 24 & BSG were shown from the beginning of the latest series :rolleyes:

Seen as they ae quite a way in now, it may be a bit of a wait :suicide:


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Aw buttocks!

Thanks Kev,

I did see them listed but they didn't say they were the first episodes, 24 just gives the hours and since you don't know what the first hour is... :rolleyes:

I tried using Sky.com for the tv guide but when I search for things it hardly finds anything, most bizarre. I will keep waiting...



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I'd love to see LOST ran again from the very beginning in HD


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So does anyone know if Lost is to be repeated again in HD on Sky one, now the series has finished.

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