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Lossless vs iTunes vs PS3, an unanswerable question!


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Sorry to go over old ground, but im struggling to find the answer this one. What I would like is a lossless format to rip all my CD's with that:
  • I can save on my 1TB NAS hard drive with built in Twonky Media
  • Retains all tagging information
  • My PS3 will recognise when accessing the NAS
  • iTunes will recognise when accessing from the NAS and easily convert to a quality format for my iPhone 3GS
Problems I have come across so far include:
  • PS3 wont play FLAC files
  • Wav files wont retain tagging information
  • Apple Lossless wont play on PS3 and are a little restrictive for futureproofing my archive
Any help appreciated as im at a dead end!


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Depending on the implementation of Twonky on your NAS, it may be able to transcode one format to another in real time - so you could use Apple Lossless and get Twonky to convert to WAV for the PS3, or FLAC and get Twonky to convert to ALAC for iTunes.

It's non-trivial to configure - google "twonky transcode" and see what you can find. It would require the processor in your NAS to be powerful enough to manage the transcoding, of course.
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