Question Loss/theft protection gadget for phone, wallet etc??

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    Hi Guys

    I am trying to find a gadget that will link my phone, my wallet and maybe keys together so when one of them leaves my close person an alarm will sound. This will be a huge help for me as I suffered a stroke just over a year ago and has left me with memory problems and tend to leave my wallet in shops, phone on the bus / train etc. I have lost 2 phones already and luckily someone handed my wallet in when I left it in a shop and the bank called me.

    I bought the Pebble bee gadget which works as a bluetooth link between the phone and the chip called Pebble Bee. In principal it seemed a great gadget if I put the chip in my wallet and when the chip moved away from my phone (via downloaded app) or vice versa an alarm would sound on either the phone or the chip. An alarm does sound but you have to activate it from the phone or the chip BUT you need to be within the bluetooth range. When you move out of range nothing happens and when the phone sleeps the connection is lost between the chip and the basically a complete waste of money for what I wanted.

    Does anyone have any ideas of anything that is on the market that would help me as I cannot lose another phone or I will have another stroke especially as the cost of a new



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