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I have a Yelo multiregion DVD. I get great picture quality on my Mitsubishi TV and Sony portable. However, I've just bought a Sony widescreen and the picture from my DVD appears washed out. I've tried several dvds in it and they're all the same - the colours are faded and it looks as if they were filmed in a very slight fog.

I've tried 3 different scart leads. I've also carried out all the usual adjustments of sharpness, brightness, colour etc on the TV, but it makes no difference at all.

I'm not sure what the problem is. I've done a search here and a lot of people have asked how to get the best picture quality. I can see that a lot of people think you get better picture quality with different set ups. However, I don't think my problem is quite the same. It isn't that I want to turn a normal quality picture into something fabulous. I just want a normal picture! If it turns out that I am asking a question that has been asked before, then I sincerely apologise.

On all my TVs I've connected the DVD simply with a scart lead. I know that's not the best quality connection, but I think the colour and picture quality should at least be consistent on my TVs. Am I missing something obvious.

Thank you.



Have you tried switching the video signal to RGB.

Connect via scart to AV1 on the TV, this is normally the AV connection that is RGB compatable, (check your TV's manual). You will also have to change the video signal in the DVD player to RGB as well, this should be easy to find, normally labled video output, if in doubt consult the manual.


Thanks so much for the advice. I'll give it a try - fingers crossed.

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