Loss of colour on Sky programmes


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Whilst watching Sky this morning, the picture changed to black & white,i did the usual thing i.e. switched off the power.removed viewing card, waited 90 seconds before switching back on etc, still black & white on Sky, terrestrial tv is ok, so rang Sky technical and they advised me to remove each scart cable and replace ensuring it was pushed home firmly and this would cure the problem, did all this but still no colour.

The digibox is Amstrad which i have had for 2.5 years ever since the Sky system was installed,and up until now it has worked fine.

Can anyone tell me if they have experienced this problem and what they did to resolve it, or can anyone suggest anything i can do myself (limited knowledge here)or am i stuck with Sky engineer being called out with the £65 charge that entails.

Any advice would be gratefully received.


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Hook up the RF connection and see if that is in B&W as well.
If not then it could be a problem with either the digibox scart or the TV scart, what about the connection between teh VCR scart and another TV scart?


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Starburst, Thanks for your response to my problem, indeed it was the scart lead causing the problem, i had already checked to ensure they were securely connected,however, the problem still remained, so in desperation (and to save £65).i removed the scarts and reversed them, believe or not this solved the problem and we are now watching Sky programmes in beautiful colour.

Many thanks again.

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