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I seem to have lost a lot of my channels (Sky 1, most movies, etc). They can still be selected but no picture will come up. On some channels the picture will start, play for a few seconds, then freeze.

I've checked the connections, which all seem to be good and the dish doesn't seem to have moved (Still solid!)

I've checked the menu system and the signal strength is steady at half (always been there) but the signal quality is fluctuating wildly.

Any ideas what this could be? Is it a new digi box? If so, what type do you recommend, and would you trust the boxes off EBay?




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Have you tried re-booting it?
just unplug it from the power for at least 5 minutes, then plug back in etc.
Mine freezes occasionally, and the reboot cures it.


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It could be a water damaged cable or connections between the cable and the LNB. The LNB itself could be damaged or just failing, if you lose half you channels then it would point to a switching problem within the LNB, either not getting the signal from the digibox or not acting on that signal.

Try your digibox on someone elses dish if you can to confirm if there is a problem with it or on the dish/cable setup.
SKY charge a flat rate £65 for a callout which will cover all repairs and replacements, you can play hardball and say you will cancel instead which *may* get you a free or cut price service call.


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Cheers for that, I'll get the box checked. It has been very windy and wet (when isn't it?).

How much would a new LNB be and is it easy to replace?



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A single output LNB is around £20 and if you are careful it's just a straight replacement job, however minidish types have changed over the last 4 years so you would need to know which dish you have and what LNB's are compatible.
Don't forget it could easily be the cable itself and not the LNB or digibox.

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