Loss of A2 recording on DMR E100 & DMR E50


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Hi Everyone,

I wonder if anyone can suggest a workaround this problem, I have a DMR E100 & DMR E50, both are connected to my Sky box using the 2 scart sockets on it, both are going to the A2 scarts on the Panasonics.

When I am recording from sky on A2 on the E100, if I use the E50 at the same time to watch another DVD the E100 stops recording the sky, and records whatever I am doing on the E50. I swopped the scarts round and the problem just happens in reverse. The only way I can stop it is to remove the scart from the Sky box for the E50, I figure it must be something to do with switching in the scart, does anyone know what pin to make it inactive?, or better still have another solution???


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or better still have another solution???
Loose the E50? You can record on the E100's HDD whilst playing a DVD-Video/-RAM/-R in the disk tray!

Why not put the E50 upstairs/downstairs so you can watch recorded programmes on DVD-RAM?

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