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My old (10 yrs?) samsung smart TV has been losing signal, at given predictable times throughout the day, at 11 minutes past the hour for around 5 seconds!
It is connected to a Humax freeview player and a Sony DVD player. The problem has been occuring for some months but I can't think of any changes in the system around this time that may have caused this problem. Anyone got ideas what could be wrong? Other TV's in the house share the antenna without displaying problems.
Thanks in advance.


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Presumably the aerial loops through the Humax then into the TV?

Clutching at straws a bit, I would first attempt to bypass the Humax and connect the aerial direct to the TV (obviously choosing a time where no recordings are set) and see if the problem remains. It could be that the Humax is firing up automatically (checking for schedule changes etc) and for that short period whilst it wakes itself up, it stops the signal pass-through onto the TV.

I had a similar issue where the signal would pass through a recorder box into my TV quite happily with the recorder off, but when it woke itself up the signal would cut off for a few minutes whilst it was doing that.


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First port of call would be a Humax reset - baring in mind any recordings!


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I second the Humax issue in post #2. Which model Humax is it?

The modern ones have a 'feature' to allow remote setting of recordings and the unit has to wake up regularly to check the server to see if you've done that.

Simple 2-way splitter (4dB signal loss though) should cure that RF loop-through cut-out issue if you need the 'feature'. Perhaps disabling it will cure the problem also?

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