Losing the plot with LGs !


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After walking around JL, Currys and Comet today (plus the positive feedback on this forum), I think the LG 42PC1D seems to have won my vote.

I then started surfing the web for the best price and it seems EmpireDirect have the best price at £1049. I then carried on searching and on Dixons.co.uk, found the LG 42PC1DV at £879. Is this a different model ?Looked around the forums and couldnt see anything...can someone please help.

Also, I have a budget of £1000-1100 - is this a good buy ?

Will probably go tomorrow and buy...Apprecieate any help as I am a complete newbie to this.



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Yes, the 42PC1DV is not a HD ready set. The PC1D has a screen resolution of 1024x768, the PC1DV has a screen resolution of 852x480. The PC1D is the one to get and is excellent value for the price.
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