Losing surround effect.


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I have two smaller Pioneer speakers I use for surround purposes, and due to room limitations they are placed about 80 degrees from the screen, so I sit behind both speakers. This means the surround effect is lost to a degree. I tried to drag the sofa into the centre of the room, and the change was enourmous!

Unfortunately the room can't have a sofa plonked in the middle, and there is nowhere else to put the speakers, unless they are directly left and right of the sofa, and I guess this would feel a little too close for comfort.

How can I improve the soundstage? They are small speakers and I have the levels for them at about +8db compared to the Missions I use for LR and C. I've been experimenting with angling them behind the sofa but had little effect. Am I looking at an upgrade? ;)


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How about putting them level with the sofa on the side walls, above the listening position?


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ATM they are sat on a windowsill and a side table. As I live in rented house I can't really go drilling holes in the walls, as much as I want to wall mount that plasma in my dreams.

The closest I could get to being level with the sofa is stands placed against the walls, but that would be quite an obstruction. Would dipoles/bipoles help in this situation?

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