Losing file properties between PC and NAS


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Hi all,

I have a WD My Book Live that I use to stream films to my TV (Samsung UE40D5500). When copying files from my PC over to the NAS I sometimes get the message "The file has properties that cannot be copied to the new location. Are you sure you want to copy the file without its properties?"

The file names of what I copy are always the same once they are on the NAS, but when I view the files on my TV they are renamed, making them difficult to find.

After a bit of googling I think I have discovered that this is because I am copying files from an NTFS drive to a non NTFS drive. Is it possible to change the file names as viewed on the TV? Or if not is there a way to format the WD My Book to NTFS and still have it operate in the same way? I tried having a look in Disk Management but my NAS doesn't appear in there.

Thanks for any help.


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You may need to rename the files. Have you used free program filebot before? It's great, easy to use and it validates all the names.


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My guess is the files have embedded tags in them (think sort of like mp3) and thats what you see in explorer, when you copy them to the NAS the tags are removed and the raw file name is displayed.

As paddy187 says using a renaming tool on the files might be worth a try filebot or the renamer are both options.


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I shouldn't talk about this. I downloaded some mkv movies, I renamed them for xbmc, but some when viewed on my Samsung tv through my synology nas (not actually using xbmc) had unusual titles.

I found that when put into mkv merge, & I highlighted audio or video, they had extra text ie DTS in the track field. I just deleted this text & muxed them.
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I shouldn't talk about this. .

Don't see why you shouldn't unless you got them from an illegal download site and if you did: you're right! ;)

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