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Lord Of War


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Went to see this last night and i have to say wow what an excellent movie. It is now my fav nic cage movie :thumbsup:


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Abit of a let down IMO, i wanted to see a film with a :censored: load of action in it and instead got a film that had morals in it.

I wont say anymore than that as i dont want to spoil it but it certainly wasnt what i expected.


As for my fav Cage film its 1 of 3

1) Face/Off
2) Snake Eyes
3) Con Air

No suprises im sure


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tha-dizzle said:
I wont say anymore than that as i dont want to spoil it but it certainly wasnt what i expected.

No suprises im sure

Same for me realy. Saw this last month when I was in the States.

Didn't know didly about the film but it was a bit different from what i though it would be.

6-7 out of 10 would be about right.


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nice contradiction there


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I saw this film last week and thought it was a great film. Well shot and very thought-provoking. If you want a bit more then just pop-corn thrills and spills this would be a good choice. I would whole heartedly recommend this film. From the first scenes where the camera follows the journey of a bullet the film was gripping. You really get a good insight into the different world of international arms dealers that runs alongside the sanitised lives we lead in a 'civilised society'. Great material and well acted through-out. See it and make up your own minds!


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For those who also found the movie thought provoking you might want to check this out, which was shown on BBC2 last night:

The Man Who Armed The World

Accused of being one of the most notorious arms dealers and sanction busters in the world, Russian businessman Viktor Bout languishes in jail in Bangkok. This World tells the story of the dramatic international sting which finally brought him to justice, and the battle to extradite him to the USA.

BBC iPlayer - This World: The Man Who Armed the World

Seems Lord of War wasn't all that far fetched, although he looks nothing like Nicolas Cage did :D


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Thanks for that link. The BBC iPlayer is one of the greatest developments since I began using the internet. I just wish the programs would remain available for a tad longer. But, still, I shouldn't complain!


ps Enjoyed LoW. Accentuates my belief that this world is a sick, sick place. Yes, I'm a misanthrope. I hope the Cylons turn up to kick our butts...
My fav Nic Cage is Face Off, followed by Con Air, and The Rock. Lord Of War is low in my list.

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