Lord Of War - different DVD editions and their merrits


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and downfalls...

+ pretty 2d digipack with book (1st ed. but most prob. Korean text)
+ dtsES and DD-EX
- (big!) AR 1.85:1 (which is cropped)

+ dtsEs and DD-EX
- (big!) AR 1.78:1 (cropped)

R2 UK "LE"
- only DD5.1 but
+ (big!) OAR of 2.35:1

The choice is yours - just be aware of it when you decide. ;)

PS: It might be worth waiting for a Dutch or Scandinavian release as they often sport dts tracks on releases when the UK editions don't.
If you know more pls. let us know. :)


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The openind scene/intro to Lord of War is probably the best ive seen.

It follows the life of a bullet from production to finally been used. Really clever but also quite graphic at the end.


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Thats a strange one! Play USA, Movietyme and Enterprise DVD have it listed as 2.35 and I watched it round a mates and it looked 2.35.
Has anyone got the release??


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check here - 1.78:1 again:


...The American 2-Disc SE, for the DTS-ES audio track at this point.
Do note, that the original theatrical aspect ratio is 2.35:1, and the DVD is cropped to 1.78:1 (it´s not "open matte"). We suggest that at this point it would be safer to wait for the R2/R4 -releases (all specs TBC).


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R2UK is the winner ...if you are a true movie fanatic. ;) In this case the OAR is more important than the DTS.

However, if you are a sound fanatic you´ll go for the R3 or R1 version. The choice is yours.

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