Lord of the Rings R4 with extra disc?


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Pretty much as the subject, really. Having looked at the Ezydvd site for the "Super Ultra Extra Special Deluxe Edition with bookends" version of LOTR: Fellowship, I read the following: One that this disc costs a lot more than the one offered on play, and that this R4 version has a 5th disc. Play list the title as having "only" 4. Are these versions different or not?

Ezydvd Lord of the Rings



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Yep, they're different.

One edition will contain an extra 5th DVD with an all-new "National Geographic" documentary about the making of the LOTR movie, whereas the regular Deluxe All-Singing, All-Dancing LOTR Super Special With Bookends 4-Disc version won't.

At least, that's what I've been led to believe!


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The R1 will have the 5th disk allegedly.

Note that you can't buy the R4 anyway unless you can get someone you know in Oz to order it for you and then post it on or some other Oz DVD retailer is prepared to sell it to you. EzyDVD warn:
Please Note: This title is limited to Australian customers only.


Wow, that Australian thing is clever, and new as far as I know. Just a small question, what's the story with the bookends? 5 discs + bookends possible?


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Thanks for the replys.
I knew that you couldn't order it. Should the title be available over here, then I would prefer the 5 disc version. I was hoping that Play got their facts wrong or the title wasn't listed yet.

I suppose that 5 discs and bookends are possible, if you don't mind a parcel the size of a Fiesta.



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future entertainment has the R1 version here for details


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cant you buy the national geographic disk seperate though?

Thought they had a big stand of them in HMV when I was in there last.


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The Nat Geog disk included with LOTR will be a different version apparently.


Ezydvd posted on another forum that they are restricting the 5 disk to Australia only because of the weight of the package and possible complaints when everyone moans their box has been squashed in transit to the UK.

There are I believe problems with the copyright of the 5th disk in the UK. EiV have been unable to get the rights to it, possibly because of the clash with the already released National Geographic disk, although as Pooch says it will be a new version / reedit elsewhere.

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