Lord of the Rings Extended (R1) not at play?


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Sep 24, 2002
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Hi guys (I'm new here)

Just wondered if anyone knows why Play is not stocking the region 1 LOTR extended (only R2)

I would love to get this in Region 1 because of the extra disc and proper playback speed etc.

I mailed them but they said thaey cannot comment on DVD's not listed on their site.

I imagine iits all to do with there cutting back on the amount of R1 DVDs that they have now - espescially those with same day R2 releases

There was a big article about this the other week saying that R2 distributers would give them a better deal if they would cut back on there R1 DVDs

Why not go to DVD SOON - you can get the extended 4 disc version for about £18
Thanks Duncan

It is a bit annoying as I normally use PLAY.

Isn't DVD SOON an American site?

I would rather buy it from the UK?

Any suggestions?

Thanks again
I have noticed that R1's are limited at PLAY.com

DVDCONCEPT has more variety.

cd-wow.co.uk sells DVD's, the R1's are generally cheaper on this site than PLAY.com.


At www.dvdsoon.com they have the extended version for £16.50 inc shipping & the 5 disk collectors set for £31.00 inc shipping as of todays (25/9/02) base currency exchange rate.
Thanks denonman

Because Im in the UK and DVDSoon is an American Website - do you know how long delivery will take? Will I have to pay import duty etc?

Anyone here got any experience of ordering with DVDSoon from the UK?

Thanks again
Apparently they are very customs friendly. They always print the value as just $12.00 on the parcel & never enclose a receipt. Shipping is 7 to 10 days apparently.
I've used them recently to purchase Gremlins SE (for the Wife, obviously!) and it took about a week. They are based in Canada and I actually received an email from canadian postoffice telling me my package had been shipped!

On the basis of this experience I've just pre-ordered Spider-man, Clones, LOTR (4 disk) and BTTF.

I haven't seen an on-line retailer beat their prices yet.

I cound them using www.dvdpricecompare.net, (which does what it says on the tin) for the major R1 websites, and they came out cheapest for all the above titles.


cheers Mark thats really helpful - I can handle 1 week - But i am looking forward to that LOTR DVD!
when you pre order a dvd at dvdsoon, do they take the money from your credit card at that time or do they wait till it is ready to be shipped?

i was just thinking that if, for example, i pre-ordered lotr then the price may change due to the change in the exchange rate.
they take the money right away jut prordered my copy for £16.50:D

Just thought I would mention that Play are listing (or at least now listing) the R1 Collectors edition of LOTR Extended.

5 Discs and the bookends etc.

Lord of the Rings - Collectors Edition @ Play for £46.99

Lord of the Rings - Special Extended Edition (not collectors pack) @ Play for £25.99

You will get the these packs cheaper elsewhere, but if you like and are confortable with Play, then you may want to get it here anyway.

I like the prices from DVDSoon, however the Bilingual Packaging bugs me when it's a decent film for my collection (it doen't bother me when it's an absolute steal in price though, but the price needs to be much better than anywhere else I can get the film in English Packaging) Just my thoughts anyway.

For info,

DVD Soon - Collectors Pack £29.44
DVD Soon - Special Ext Ed £14.93

Both prices exclude delivery and any customs charges that you may get.

However, as long as the packaging is not messed about with, and as they are custom for these releases, I don't think they will be bilingual, so they get my vote.


i have heard of differences on canadian packaging but is it really that bad?

does anyone know of a site that has an example?
I have had a look, I can't find an example of how it looks, but it can be irritating in my opinion.

DVD Soon talk about it here.
If you go to DVDSOON and do a search for a title (e.g Spider-man), it brings up about 6 options for the same movie, there is the obvious widescreen and fullscreen, but they also list separetly the french covers which are denoted by the letters (v.f).

Hope this helps.

Also, I have two canadian disks which deal with French in two different ways:

Good Will Hunting Collectors has a revesible cover with English on one side and French on the other.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back however has an annoying mixture of both languages.

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