Lord of the Rings Extended has been cut!!


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Feb 9, 2002
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Not the BBFC's fault on that one, read it again, they actually offered EIV a 12 uncut certificate which they turned down, in favour of the cuts.
So long as it's not the movie that's been cut, I'll stick with my R2 I think. I don't wanna pay the extra for the R1 just for the uncut documentary (which I'll probably never watch anyway). Going by that link you pasted, it looks like most if it is just bleeped swearwords and sexual references for 1m 16sec, not actual cuts anyway.
Originally posted by captaineyecatch
Bad news for R2 fans...

There are Region 2 fans?! :eek: :D :devil:
Originally posted by Lex
There are Region 2 fans?! :eek: :D :devil:
I'm a R2 fan when the price is right (but never when the film is censored and the aspect ratio is wrong) ;)
Well the R1 can be had for less than £20 ( and I am talking about the extended version ) so thats the one for me
From what I can see on the BBFC website, it is only the swearing on the extras that have been cut.

The actual movie which runs 218 in PAL has no details of cuts.
Originally posted by captaineyecatch
I like my swearing full on and not bleeped out :D
So i'll stay with the R1

Amen to that.

I was going to buy the R1 anyway but will now do so twice :D

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